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How To Clean Up Chemical Spills

how to clean up chemical spills

    chemical spills
  • A chemical hazard arises from contamination with harmful or potentially harmful chemicals. for example Burning of fossils, materials and chemicals used in construction and industry., the environment and water supply., chemical spillages and industrial accidents., deliberate releases.

  • Hazardous chemical spills can occur while materials are in transit, whether it be from a truck accident, train derailment, or ship accident, or from accidents in factories, such as explosions or unintentional spills.

    clean up
  • An act of making a place clean or tidy

  • dispose of; "settle the bills"

  • tidy: put (things or places) in order; "Tidy up your room!"

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    how to
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how to clean up chemical spills - Sacrifice Zones:

Sacrifice Zones: The Front Lines of Toxic Chemical Exposure in the United States

Sacrifice Zones: The Front Lines of Toxic Chemical Exposure in the United States

"I just got mad. I couldn't breathe in my own house."--Ruth Reed, a resident of Ocala, Florida, who lives next door to a Royal Oak Charcoal factoryAcross the United States, thousands of people, most of them in low-income or minority communities, live next to heavily polluting industrial sites. Many of them, like Ruth Reed, reach a point at which they say "Enough is enough." After living for years with poisoned air and water, contaminated soil, and pollution-related health problems, they start to take action--organizing, speaking up, documenting the effects of pollution on their neighborhoods. In Sacrifice Zones, Steve Lerner tells the stories of twelve communities, from Brooklyn to Pensacola, that rose up to fight the industries and military bases causing disproportionately high levels of chemical pollution. He calls these low-income neighborhoods "sacrifice zones"--repurposing a Cold War term coined by U.S. government officials to designate areas contaminated with radioactive pollutants during the manufacture of nuclear weapons. And he argues that residents of a new generation of sacrifice zones, tainted with chemical pollutants, need additional regulatory protections.Studies show that poor and minority neighborhoods are more polluted than wealthier areas located farther away from heavy industry. Sacrifice Zones goes beyond these disheartening statistics and gives us the voices of the residents themselves. We hear from people like Margaret L. Williams, who organized her neighbors to demand relocation away from two Superfund hazardous waste sites; Hilton Kelley, who came back to his hometown to find intensified emissions from the Exxon Mobil refinery next to the housing project in which he grew up; and Laura Ward, who found technicians drilling a hole in her backyard to test groundwater for pollution from the nearby Lockheed Martin weapons plant. Sacrifice Zones offers compelling portraits of accidental activists who have become grassroots leaders in the struggle for environmental justice and details the successful tactics they have used on the fence line with heavy industry.

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People... People / population and nature...
The more sublime victorious fight will be here.
BAY OF GUANAVALA, demands their intimate spaces, so that equally their old inhabitants can live, today exterminated...
Something very larger and serious it happens, destroyed by the precarious industrial and commercial compounds of the profits the any price, cost what to cost, even if lives. They spill their "liquids" contaminated by oils, metals heavy, chemical, radioactive and of hospitals, of the instigators gone mad murderous entrepreneurs that corrupt the disturbed "false rulers" and " bureaucrats for the greed stunned"...
Children and innocent that take a bath and they navigate in the sea of pollutant, sick; charmed, bewitched, involved by something, amazed, doped and alienated. Played to the destiny, the original sin of those dominated...
In that disintegrated totality and incoherent in the which you/they inhabit, all of the material and human objects are natural of the same plan, the ground of the earth, the waters of the rivers and seas or any starting point for the life. We are beings and existent realities...
Will we be? Universe y cosmoses? How and when?
Will we be free from any dirts?
In a clean world / fair... Beautiful globe...
Until today we were the men gods` world and demons...
"... mundus,i `the firmament; world, universe, the creation; globe, the Earth, the nations; the century; the Roman Empire; the underground world, the hells; the world considered like God`; the snt. first world and third world were coined, in the dec. of 1950, imperialism: for the demographer and French economist Alfred Sauvy (1898-1991); f.hist. mute sXIV... "
We will struggle if we go warlike, with or without weapons in this contention, it battles...
In the impassioned defense of our flags, several... Those that participate in that war will stand out for daring... there won`t be 1 hero. Several or any... Same those that as a horse without recognized owner, supposedly strayed from of the forces in combat: died, arrested or for circumstances they gave up the fight against the extravagant, brave, ridiculous and cruel / EXTERMINATOR`S...
"... Lat. exterminator, oris `what expels, what banishes`, lat. tar. `exterminator`, of the rad. of exterminatum, supn. of exterminare `to expel, to banish, to exile; to reject, to play out; to abolish, to put to the part; to ruin, to destroy, to destroy`, of terminus, i `it limits, I mark, estrema; term, end, extremity... ".
Comfortable of those excluded it will lead their resistant popular grupamentos in opposition to the violent liberation of the powerful monopolies of energy / of the atoms... Trangenicos... Uranium / nuclear... Amazed the cunning princes of the rotten chemical and atomic domains... they won`t resist the force and the um(a pertinence) guerrilheiro(a) OF THE HOPE...
"... to wait + - anca; lat. sperantia, neutral pl. of sperans,sperantis, part.pres. of v. sperare, that would have supplanted spes,ei `it gives hope`; the grasshopper has that name for being green; to see esper -; f.hist. sXIII gives hope, sXIII asperanca... "

"... The competition was so severe... that nobody could win with the trade. The manufacturers produced more than really necessary, and if they just worried in destroying the contestants... " I would enclose the planets if it was able to... THE key of his power, the intensive and general concentration... "

Animal Welfare Institute sues BP to save endangered turtles

Animal Welfare Institute sues BP to save endangered turtles

We learned last week that as BP and the Coast Guard struggle to clean up the oil in the Gulf of Mexico, endangered sea turtles along with other wildlife are being burned alive. The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) has filed suit in order to bring an immediate halt to these actions.“Like everyone else in the country, we are despondent and don’t want [the situation in the Gulf] to become worse by a lack of due diligence by BP, the Coast Guard, and others involved in the cleanup,” says AWI Wildlife Biologist D.J. Schubert.AWI, along with the Center for Biological Diversity, Turtle Island Restoration Network and the Animal Legal Defense Fund will present their case against BP as well as Admirals of the United States Coast Guard at 9:30 a.m. Friday.In an effort to contain the oil spill and prevent it from reaching shorelines and delicate marshes, ships have been trailing booms to corral the oil. They then bring the booms far into the ocean—12 miles past the Deepwater Horizon Rig—to an area designated the “Burn Box,” and set it aflame. However, oil is not the only thing burning. Wildlife is also corralled in those booms and burned alive.This violates Section 9 of the Endangered Species Act, which states that it is illegal to “damage or destroy any species of fish or wildlife” labeled endangered. “The evidence we’ve gotten from ship captains has shown that there are turtles being caught up in the booms and while healthy ones may be able to dive and escape, those covered in oil are too sick and lethargic.”The suit against the Coast Guard claims that they have violated their mandatory obligations under the Clean Water Act, which states that they must “minimize risk and damage to fish, wildlife, and their habitat.”AWI hopes that the temporary injunction filed will continue until BP and the Coast Guard come into compliance with those laws.“We do not want to flat out stop burning,” Schubert says. “We want to force BP and the Coast Guard to take sufficient action in observing what they pull in and get any wildlife out of there before they begin the burn.”Already, the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem has undergone a colossal amount of damage. But AWI continues to fight, to ensure that one day life will return to normal.“Mother Nature has a remarkable ability to clean herself, but there is such a significant amount of oil and chemical dispersant that the destruction of the habitat will leave parts of the Gulf out of commission for a long time,” says Schubert, who still has hope for the future. “At some point, decades from now, I believe that the Gulf will rebound.” But how many of its native species will be around to see it?

how to clean up chemical spills

how to clean up chemical spills

Spilfyter 570001 Specialty Spill Control Chemical Classifier Strip Kit In A Tube, 4cm Length x 30.47cm Width

The first step in spill control: identify the spill chemical and wastewater classifier products are the perfect method for distinguishing risks in unknown spilled liquids. Classifier strips quickly assist the responder in classifying the spill for proper treatment. Recommended for all emergency response teams.product has an expiration date of 2 years from the date of manufacture when stored in cool, dry location. Chemical risk for : acid of base (pH) 0-13 sensitivity, oxidizers 1 mg/L (1 ppm) sensitivity, fluoride 20 mg/L (20 ppm) sensitivity, petroleum product/ organic solvent 10 mg/L (10 ppm) sensitivity, iodine/chlorinie/bromine 1 mg/L (1 ppm) sensitivity.

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